Experiential TAROT – 6 Month Online Major Arcana Rituals – 22 Archetypal Lessons



The 5 min ritual that would change your life –
Get Your Life the way You Want It Through Majick !

– Do you want to experience Magic?

-Are you just living your life day to day going along waiting for your life to happen?

-Do you keep thinking about how to change things but the way you’re doing things isn’t working?

-Are you waiting on destiny to come along like a knight in shining armour and make your life great?

I know we are told to be receptive, wait and what is meant for you will come. But truthfully, we need to participate , with the guidance of the universal force to bring things into bring. When you take life into your own hands, our hands allow destiny to unfold.

Transformational Tarot Experience – Journey Through the Archetypes For Personal Growth & CHANGE…
6 month Course (Online including weekly webinars)

Are you ready to create change in your life? This Course is presented via emails and weekly webinars over 26 weeks. Here I cover all 22 Major Arcana Cards in a modern and relevant way. Each week we perform a different 5-10 minute ritual experience to get in touch with the energies of the card we’re working with so we can work magic through the cards lesson. You will be able to navigate your love life, career, social life, transform these to the way you wish them to be, and get yourself empowered!


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