Transformation Tarot – A year of Tarot – 12 readings only $1000 !!!



If you’ve had a tarot reading and found it insightful, imagine what you can accomplish having access to that information EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR!

“Transformation Tarot” is made up of 12 x 1 hour Readings over 12 months – which gives you the opportunity to strategically align yourself with your greater destiny and to follow up with productive action and GET THERE QUICKER.

In LOVE, DATING, MARRIAGE, BUSINESS, CAREER, FAMILY, SOCIAL LIFE & SPIRITUAL GROWTH – I can point you directly to what will take you forward, so you save time, energy and heartache!

Through Strategic Tarot Readings You Can RAPIDLY TRANSFORM Your State of Being – As well as your destination. When we EVOLVE, our view on who we are and what we wanted can shift dramatically- therefore i will be able to bring you to resonate with your highest potential and therefore your most fulfilling life path.

​A 1 hour Reading at full price is $150, now you can get 12 for $1000 (saving $800)!

Let yourself have this- ​Book now for your year of transformation.

I’m currently extending my offering of 12 Phone READINGS @ $1000!

Normally an hour at full price is $150, now you can get 12, with a saving of $800!!!

I’ve extended the offer as currently some clients are benefiting so much I want to see more of you get the results in your lives too.

Please get in touch with me to lock it in as the offer closes October 17th 2017.