About Me

I ​knew from a young age that I could see the future.

Growing up with a strict ​Italian Catholic ​heritage meant I had to break a lot of rules in order to be my true self.

​I didn't know how to use my gift.  Let alone make a career of it



knew from a very young age that I was born to be on stage.

Growing up with a strict religious upbringing meant that I had to break a lot of ‘rules’ in order to be true to myself.

What I didn’t realise at the time was how much I was holding myself back.

Fast forward to now.

Music is what I live and breathe AND earn my living from.

I wasn’t born with the confidence I have now. I had to give myself permission.

Permission to call myself Marilyn THE Tarot Reader- to go on Psychic TV, to be a celebrity in the industry.. of a lot of older wise experiences velvet wearing crystal ball reading daggy culture- theres a new breed coming to town- i can feel it- and i love it1  i didn’t fit in when i first started, i was in a band, …..

I wasn’t born with the confidence I have now. I had to ​learn from the best.  Not just the best readers, but the best humans.  They have since retired.

​I wasn't allowed to do this - I had to give myself permission to go out -from my straight catholic school Italian heritage to becoming a wild child drummer in a band, then a social worker to finally taking the leap to calling myself Marilyn The Tarot Reader & now Marilyn The Visionary.

I went from "Dont show off" to going on stage with speakers blaring in my ears, to on television and radio with spirits whispering in my ears.  I became a Tv & Radio International Tarot Celebrity, and I travel the world with my gift..

​Early Days

​​Since my earliest childhood memories I have been able to connect with spirits. I could see things, that other people could not. As a child I used to sit in the grass in the backyard, searching for 4 leafed clovers and talking to spirit guides that i could hear. My parents thought I had imaginary friends! They thought me to be rather creative, they told people I had an active imagination and would become a writer one day.

I remember waking up in the early hours at my paternal grandma's place hearing voices downstairs, and, seeing a light, on I crept down to discover who was there and what they might be doing awake at such an hour. As I peaked around the corner I saw my grandmother and her sons sitting around the dinner table talking (this wasn’t uncommon as they ran an independent hospitality business and often arrived home late). However what I did see was intriguing. My grandmother and my uncles were performing a card reading with playing cards. I tuned in to listen to their predictions of events: Business, financial success, weddings, health… later on these predictions would turn out to be true. This became not the only times that cards were consulted by my family. I later learned it was a talent that had been passed down through the ​generations.  Coming from an Italian family i used to attend mass every Sunday, then id meet my relatives at my mothers mothers place and we would talk, pray together and discuss the symbology of our dreams, and my grandfather would get out the old version of Zolars dream dictionary before the edit.

I later found I could see spirits. I’d be watching horror films with my sister (much to our parents distaste) and I’d feel something moving in the good lounge room (Italians have a lounge room and a “good” lounge room). My parents would tell me to stop watching horror films because they're giving me nightmares, But I could literally see their figures around the house, walking around, holding hands…

At 14 years old, in the 90's (the height of the "New Age"), my mother became passionate about crystals, cards, reiki and channeling. We would visit Psychic fairs, Channelling groups, Crystal workshops, Reiki Classes & Healing groups. I was interested in all things metaphysical. I got my first Tarot deck around then, it was the Mythic Tarot.

​From then i learned all about Tarot, I Ching, Runes, Psychommetry, and so on, and went on seeing many spirits, transitioning them on to the light, and have had multiple spiritual experiences.

​In my later development ive done extensive meditation, and have expanded my philosophical knowledge and am a qualified counsellor and Sound Engineer.  Music and helping charities are my passions outside of my Psychic work.

Truly Gifted!

My experience with Marilyn was absolutely amazing. On more than one occasion. Such a truly gifted Intuitive. Amazing.

Jason , Melbourne Australia

The Perfect Guide

My experience and interaction with Marilyn as a Tarot Reader has been awesome. She has carefully guided me in some very difficult situations and circumstances in my life.

Mary , Rome. Italy.

Your Work is Precious and Truly Life Saving

Using my intuition and your direct link with spirit for clear messages, I steer myself with your spirit guidance, holding the reins unfolding my life. You deliver me your direct link to spirit messages, assisting me with added opportunity in life to go above, deep in my soul journey to act accordingly. Teaching me to expanded choices to greater success, awareness and healing in my life. Always integrating my frequency and vibration to a higher place of integrity...In the years working with you, your support has been true and honouring of my purpose. The locality and accurate from spirit visions you receive and described exactly as seen. It is proven undoubtable your spirit message which was totally accurate.It is anhonourr to have you In this line of work where the professional world of, lawyers, counsellors, doctors etc shown me they have limited boundaries to assist me in my life...THANKYOU your work is precious and truly life saving. I celebrate you will always stay assisting your clients to greater awareness with the extreme care, integrity and support you have always shown and delivered to me..

Bili , Singapore

Great and Intuitive Advice

I have had quite a few readings from Marilyn and I must say not only has she been pretty precise but the advice has been spot on as well. I love the fact that Marilyn responds quite promptly hence one can deal with a dilemma quite quickly without having to stew on it. I pretty much owe my sanity to Marilyn this past year as yes she has always been there to offer great and intuitive advice and I can't stress just how absolutely specific she can be with certain things....so much so that even my close friends can vouch for it as I would confidently tell them the specific things before they happened and yessss to their great surprise they would HAPPEN!!!! Let's just say I was always a step ahead with some important issues I was facing.Definitely worth having a reading with Marilyn.

Trish , Sydney Australia

The Best Guidance

I have had readings from Marilyn for a few years now and I have always been given the best guidance. Marilyn is a very understanding person and gifted and does not judge in any situation. The last few years have been a struggle for me and she has helped me through it. I would say to try her at least once and you will know what I mean.

Karen , Adelaide Australia

Amazingly Accurate

I have had several readings with Marilyn and have found her to be amazingly accurate. Some situations she described didn't seem relevant at the time of the reading, and sure enough, they would arise and I felt more prepared for it. She is certainly a very intuitive person and I would highly recommend her.

Nikky , Phillipines

All My Dreams Come True

I would like to say thank you for your Tarot reading. It is always 100% correct. You have such beautiful gift and talent to help me go through during my hard times. Every time I have a reading with you all my dream comes true, having 3 houses, and good relationship back with my partner and 2 child, so healthy and happy. Thank you so much for helping me you are the best tarot reading in the world! I can’t wait to have another reading from you again. Also I’m so very very very happy today we had settlement on house number 3, again your prediction is so accurate.

Siti , Melbourne Australia

Gifted Tarot Reader

I have had tarot readings with Marilyn Vaccaro over the past few years and have always found her to be warm and friendly with a strong gift of reading the tarot.

I recall mention of an acquaintance's relationship not lasting if it progressed too fast before getting to know each other ... as it happened that was the hidden concern. Marilyn’s advice brought a positive outcome.

I would recommend her guidance to anyone who seeks this via the tarot.

Kim , Queensland Australia

The Best Psychic I have Seen So Far

I've had allot of readings done at other places but this is the best psychic I have seen so far. this lady has incredible insight into my life, so many of the things she has told me have come true which left me shocked at how accurate her insight into the future is. it has helped me to change my life in a positive way and I would definitely recommend her to go and see her, also she has a lovely house with lots of beautiful grape vinesThanks.

Rohit , Byron Bay Australia.

Amazing Psychic Abilities

I sought Marilyn out after a recommendation was given to me, around 5 years ago now. I consult with her regularly, around every 6 months, (by phone, skype or face-to-face) and usually with a request for clarification around either work, family and/or relationship issues. Her readings always offer amazing clarity and insight into the issues presenting at the time. The accuracy of her insights are certainly never fuelled with questions from her, but she constantly amazes me with her psychic abilities. There have been times when I asked for clarification around a certain issue and if she cannot offer a psychic insight she will be very honest and advise me so. If I am in doubt about something, I will consult with her.

She is passionate about her psychic abilities and utilizing them in a positive and honest manner for her clients. And she is also a beautiful, genuine and compassionate soul.

Thank You for being there when I have needed answers and direction. You are truly appreciated.
I would recommend Marilyn to anyone seeking a genuine psychic.

Michelle , Melbourne Australia

Spot on!

Marilyn has been spot on with things and in the timing of events and delivers in a thoughtful way.

Samantha , Sydney Australia

100% Accuracy

Marilyn is an amazing Tarot reader everything she mentioned on my first reading did come to pass including 2 people that she described physically with 100% accuracy. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a great reading on whatever area of your life, you may want guidance on, Business, Romance, real-estate and finance.

Chris , Melbourne Australia

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