The Tarot Reader

4th Generation Italian Celebrity Psychic

From Australia's Psychic TV Channel 7TWO

the Tarot Reader

4th Generation Celebrity Psychic
From a prolific lineage
of Italian seers

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 12 monthly readings over 1 year for $1000 (offer expires November 31st)

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Hi, I'm Marilyn,

I’m here on this earth to share my gift and what I’ve learned, to connect deeply with others and shed light on what I see. I lend strength to and assist empowerment in those who come to me. In a reading I call it as it is.  I will show you the true scope of possibility and we will look at how to create your desired reality! Anything that is ready to be let go of will pass with understanding and grace so that the newness of life can touch & transform you.

Currently kickin it in Byron Bay.

I energetically heal through my channeled words

My words are channeled as your being can understand - Every reading is different as each person is.

I have done thousands of Psychic readings internationally, in the forms of private readings, group and business readings.  Im available for corporate events &  island retreats.  I currently read at popular nationwide shows, expos and I currently feature on television and radio.   

I use intuition, strategy and positive intent to go through your situation with a fine toothed comb.  Universally and spiritually it is all there in cosmic knowledge and is changeable based on one's actions.

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