Marilyn The Tarot Reader

Celebrity Psychic Tarot Reader
& Counsellor
Descendant of a prolific lineage of Italian seers...

Do you have questions that are holding you back, occupying your thoughts and slowing down your progress?

Would it be great to have a friend who always has your back... But with some additional secret knowledge?

Hi, I'm Marilyn.

In a consultation with me, business or personal, I use Psychic ability and Tarot to assist you in seeing the higher purpose of what is presenting itself in your life. 

I can help you move forward in any situation toward fulfilment and create your life path the way you wish it to be!

I can help you with choices and to create opportunities in any situation.  Together we can identify where to best apply your energy and how to do it effectively to manifest your greatest potential.

I can see what is working and what is not working in your favor and show you how to remove obstacles to create your ideal life!

Psychic Readings online ~ currently residing in Byron Bay.​

My Words Heal

I energetically heal through my channelled words

In my many years of professional experience, I’ve performed thousands of Psychic consultations internationally: private readings, group and business readings, at corporate events, retreats, at popular nationwide shows, expos and I have featured on television. My words are channeled as your being can understand - Every reading is different as each person is.  

As a Psychic my understanding of the Tarot and the mysteries of life enable me to see the big picture on many levels. Whether you need me to go through your situation with a fine toothed comb, and strategise, or whether I zoom out to give you the broad spectrum universally and spiritually it is all there in cosmic knowledge and is changeable based on one's actions.

I am discrete and able to easily and quickly understand your unique needs and situation and give accurate, detailed descriptions of circumstances, and offer the guidance needed. I am passionate, compassionate and solution focused.

I have helped THOUSANDS of people find success and positive outcomes.

I look into the future, and use strategies to assist you in creating the life you dream of!

"Marilyn has been spot on with things and so accurate in the timing of events, and she delivers her message in a thoughtful way."

-Samantha. Sydney Australia

"My interaction with Marilyn has been awesome. She has carefully guided me through very difficult situations in my life.”

-Mary. Rome Italy.

"My experience with Marilyn was absolutely amazing. On more than one occasion. Such a truly gifted Intuitive. Amazing."

-Jason. Melbourne Australia.

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I conduct readings for individuals, couples, entrepreneurs & businesses.  Identifying and addressing strengths and weaknesses, profit, structure, cohesion, teamwork, leadership, proficiency, image & branding. Readings can be given at your office or venues, retreats & resorts.

Personal or business consultation (one on one)- you will receive detailed answers to your questions, clarity on your direction, positive guidance and coaching. My unique style caters to both personal readings and it works for groups.  Spirit knows no time or distance. The messages I receive come from above. Because of this I am able to work with people via phone and Skype. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


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